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Take action in your community with these Red Cross initiatives.


Volunteer with Red Cross

Gain new skills, share your existing ones and meet new friends through volunteering.

Volunteer with Red Cross Shops

Do you love fashion and want to support your local community? Become our newest charity shop volunteer.

Community Action Catalogue

People want to take humanitarian action in their local communities. You can make a difference by volunteering to do one of our 50 actions.

Make a difference: A how-to guide to helping others and changing the world

Here’s our ultimate list of things you can do today to make a difference and help change the world for the better.

Help refugees

There’s always something you can do.

Let's make reconciliation real

Together we can build a rich national identity based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.


Prepare for disasters

Emergencies can strike at anytime, anywhere and without warning. But it's easy to protect yourself, the people you love and the things you value most.

Help your community become Climate Ready

Our downloadable guide is designed to help your community have a conversation about how the things they value will be impacted by climate change, and what they can do to continue to thrive.

Knit a Trauma Teddy

Our Trauma Teddies, which provide comfort to people in times of crisis, are lovingly knitted, stuffed and sewn by people all over the country.

Join RedXYouth

We connect our efforts, big and small, to create epic change. Join our growing network of young changemakers and help shape the future.

Become a Digital Advocate

Digital Advocates is an online community, supported by Australian Red Cross, made up of good humans who work together to actively share information and spark conversations.

In times of war, the Red Cross emblem means 'don't shoot'.

Protect the emblem

The red cross emblem saves lives: it means "don't shoot". You can help protect its integrity.


Buy a Real Good Gift

Our popular digital charity gift cards make possible support such as phone calls for older people who are isolated and hot healthy meals for young people sleeping rough.

Become a monthly giver

Join our community of regular givers. For just $1 a day you can bring support and hope to people in tough times. No matter what.

Buy a raffle ticket

Enter the Red Cross raffle for the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes. The money raised through our regular raffles goes to support people coping with crisis and disaster in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.

Give blood

It only takes an hour to give blood, but it could change someone’s life.

Donate your pre-loved clothes and goods

Wondering where to donate clothes? Red Cross op shops have donation bins where you can donate clothing, wares and more.

Two competitors covered in mud from a Red Cross challenge event

Fundraise for Red Cross

Explore our charity fundraising ideas and register online to raise money for Red Cross.

Discover other ways you can help