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COVID-19 pandemic

Practical tips to maintain your wellbeing and manage isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency services

Learn how Red Cross is responding to disasters and working with communities as they recover.

Meet our Volunteers

Read stories from our volunteers and find out how volunteering changed their lives and the lives of vulnerable people.

Stories of Life

Stories of inspiration, strength and kindness from around the world. Meet our volunteers, aid workers, staff and the people they support through tough times.

Migration support

Hear the stories of migrants and refugees seeking safety and making a new home in Australia, and our teams who support them on their journey.

Preparing for emergencies

How Australians are getting prepared for disasters.

Hello from Kym Pfitzner and the Executive Team

Weekly updates and insights from the CEO and Executive Team at Australian Red Cross.

Kids standing in a river.

Together as Partners

Building long-term and respectful partnerships by working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations to determine and lead their own solutions.

Young woman listening to a podcast on her phone.


Stories about the hardships and triumphs of aid work, people who defy stereotypes in our communities, how life in Australia works for young refugees and asylum seekers, and what it's like to work for Red Cross.

International Humanitarian Law

Even in times of war, there are laws.

Feel-good stories of humanity

Give yourself a lift with these heart-warming tales from around the globe.

Business partnerships news

News about the latest collaborations and impact with our business partners.

Stories from the field

Learn all about the work of Red Cross in our international programs.

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Watch a selection of our latest video stories.

Red Cross staff enjoying a day in the garden

Strategy updates

Red Cross has started work on its next strategy. Stay up to date with our progress.