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For schools

School project ideas for students, lesson plans and presentations for teachers.

We all know that young people today will shape our world tomorrow. Red Cross develops educational and teaching resources about Red Cross' humanitarian work to care for vulnerable people and communities facing a major disaster or personal crisis, both in Australia and internationally.

Teaching resources

Emergency Services

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery lesson plans to help teachers educate students from pre-school to year 12 about important emergency preparedness and recovery information. Years K-12.

Celebrating Diversity

A comprehensive schools kit with lesson plans prepared for National Harmony Day. Classroom manuals, modules and activity sheets explore themes of cultural diversity in Australia, migration and Australian culture, racism and more. Years K-12.

In Search of Safety

In Search of Safety is our interactive education program designed to discuss the questions and misunderstandings about people seeking asylum and why they might come to Australia for refuge. Participants will discover the reasons why people seek asylum, understand the situations they face and hear from those who've experienced it for themselves. Sessions offer a neutral and impartial space to ask questions, encourage conversations and foster empathy. They combine facts, thought-provoking presentations and enlightening stories. Available for primary, secondary and community groups.

Tracing: restoring family links

The Tracing: restoring family links lesson plan covers one of the most fundamental International Red Cross and Red Crescent activities: tracing the wounded and missing in war, and restoring communication between divided families. Years 8-10.

Under the Red Cross emblem

Introduce students to the meaning of the Red Cross emblem - one of the most recognized and most important emblems in the world. Learn why it is unique and how it saves lives. Years 8-10.

School Breakfast programs

Red Cross delivers a Good Start Breakfast Club program in disadvantaged schools across Australia, run by volunteers in partnership with schools. 

Students resources

Emergency Services

After the Emergency - a website for young people recovering from an emergency. It includes a recovery booklet for younger children to download and a recovery playlist for older children and young adults.

Blood donation

The Red Cross Blood Service has online student resources about donating blood.

App: First Aid

Download the free Red Cross First Aid app - a comprehensive pocket guide, giving you access to the most up to date First Aid information anytime, anywhere.

School project ideas

About Red Cross

Australian Red Cross is part of the world's largest voluntary humanitarian organisation. Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies operate in 190 countries. Our Movement has two international governing bodies - the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC).

In everything we do, our volunteers, members and staff are guided by seven Fundamental Principles - Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality.

Ways for students and young people to get involved

There are many ways young people can get involved with Red Cross.

Take a look at some of our community fundraising activities which are fun and educational, and give young people the chance to interact with their local community and gain social awareness about issues facing vulnerable Australians.

Take the Y Challenge where teams of young people complete community projects in their school or wider community, led by a teacher or mentor.

Learn about Club Red which brings together students and schools to donate blood.

Become a Red Cross Young Humanitarian and share your passion for tackling disadvantage and nurturing a more humanitarian society. Find us on Facebook.

Support the Red Cross advocacy campaign for a world without nuclear weapons. Over 1,000,000 people signed up to support our first online campaign to target nuclear weapons. You can take The Next Step in the campaign and share what you love - show the world what's at stake if we don't end the threat of nuclear weapons.

Resources for parents

Emergency Services

Red Cross has developed resources to help parents talk to their kids after an emergency:

Helping children and young people cope
Looking after yourself and your family after a disaster
Emergency Services - how to talk to children.