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Resources to help you

If you want to prepare for disasters, have experienced a disaster or are recovering from a disaster, Red Cross has a host of useful emergency management resources that can help.

Resources are also available for parents and caregivers, teachers, agencies and communities.

You can download resources from this page or email us to order printed copies.

Emergency preparedness information flyers in community languages

Arabic | Chinese |  English |  Farsi |  Indonesian |  Spanish |  Swahili |  Tagalog |  Thai |  Tok Pisin

Emergency preparedness videos in community languages

Arabic |  Chinese |  English |  Farsi |  Hindi |  Indonesian |  Swahili |  Tagalog |  Vietnamese

Are you ready?

There are simple and practical steps you can take to protect yourself, the people you love, and the things you value most. Do one simple thing to make you safer.

After the emergency podcast

A collaboration between Red Cross, Triple J, Smiling Mind and other recovery experts to develop a podcast of new music and advice to help people who have experienced trauma.

How to help after a disaster

Resources for parents and caregivers

Red Cross staff helping school children in class

Resources for teachers

Australian Red Cross has developed these resources to help teachers educate students from pre-school to year 12 about important emergency preparedness and recovery information.

Damage from the Lismore floods

Resources for agencies

The following resources have been designed to assist people working in emergencies.

Red Cross staff at a crisis response centre

Resources for communities

The following resources have been designed to assist people with supporting their community in emergencies.