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Red Cross Red Crescent Global Migration Lab

Putting a global spotlight on support for migrants during COVID-19

What is the Global Migration Lab?

How we work

Linking the global context to the local reality, the Global Migration Lab is a new initiative currently hosted by Australian Red Cross. This COVID-19 report is the pilot project.

The Lab seeks to ensure that the voices, expertise and experience of migrants and the communities in which they live and work are amplified to guide and inform policy and operations, and that research on migration builds on evidence from people directly affected. Projects aim to provide partners, governments and the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement with recommendations and insights to influence the structural factors that given rise to vulnerabilities experienced by migrant groups across the world.

New report

Sight Unseen

A vision for effective access to COVID-19 vaccines for migrants


Locked down and left out? Why access to basic services for migrants is critical to our COVID-19 response and recovery.  

Arabic | English | French | Spanish

Arabic | English | French | Spanish

The pilot piece of research for the Global Migration Lab focuses on how COVID-19 and related policy measures have affected access to basic services for migrants and impacted on a range of migrant groups across countries of origin, transit, destination and upon return.

Working with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, migrants and partners across the world, the report shows how and why migrants have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and related policy measures.

Over 3,250 migrants - including people seeking asylum and refugees, undocumented migrants, migrants on temporary visas, returned migrants, migrants in transit countries and those stranded due to the pandemic were surveyed or interviewed, as well as over 150 key stakeholders. Drawing on the direct experiences of migrants and data from across eight countries and additional regions, the report argues that it is in everyone’s interest to address barriers to basic services for migrants now and in future public health emergencies.

Additional case studies and research from report countries

Australia | Ethiopia | Philippines | Sweden | Sudan | UK


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