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Media releases

The latest media releases from Australian Red Cross.

3 December 2021

Red Cross launches new model which puts communities at the centre of disaster planning

Red Cross response to "Magnitsky style" sanctions

29 November

Vital PPE delivered across PNG as Delta outbreak worsens. 

26 November
Red Cross report finds migrants surprisingly resilient to disasters

5 November
Red Cross taking action to remedy underpayment of employees

13 October  
Red Cross announces Deputy CEO 

20 September 
New research: Two in five Australians’ mental health impacted by COVID 

8 September 2021
Red Cross welcomes ongoing action as Women's Safety Summit concludes

7 September 2021
Red Cross offers grants for Greater Sydney residents in extreme hardship

6 September 2021
Cox's Bazaar: A forgotten crisis

2 September 2021
Red Cross research shows value in preparing for disasters

31 August 2021
Search for displaced people in Afghanistan

27 August 2021
Red Cross welcomes Tasmanian investment into prison health and wellbeing

27 August 2021
Afghanistan appeal update

23 August 2021
Red Cross launches 18-month report on bushfire fund

20 August 2021
Red Cross launches appeal as Afghanistan crisis worsens

30 June 2021
Community-led model key to thriving local communities affected by drought

29 June 2021
A path forward for Lady Lawley Cottage

21 June 2021
Australian confidence decreases in second year of pandemic 

8 May 2021
Red Cross welcomes further emergency relief for Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdown

24 May 2021
Australian Red Cross concerned about COVID-19 in Nepal, Bangladesh

20 May 2021
Red Cross prisons program leads to decrease in prisoner violence

11 May 2021
Red Cross welcomes $2 million Queensland Government donation for Indian COVID-19 aid

7 May 2021
Red Cross steps up COVID response to PNG

7 May 2021
South Sydney Rabbitoh’s Josh Mansour signs up as a Red Cross ambassador

3 May 2021
Australian Red Cross calls for donations to COVID relief across Asia Pacific

27 April 2021
Red Cross teams continue support for communities hit by Tropical Cyclone Seroja;

15 April 2021
Red Cross launches financial help for flood-affected communities in NSW

14 April 2021
Red Cross offers additional bushfire grants for people in severe financial hardship

8 April 2021
Australian Red Cross welcomes additional support for people on temporary visas experiencing family violence

8 April 2021
Red Cross welcomes further emergency relief for Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdown 

26 March 2021
Cox’s Bazar fire demonstrates ‘heartbreaking’ situation: Australian Red Cross calls for additional support

26 March 2021
Red Cross encourages people affected by floods to protect psychological health

24 March 2021
Australian Red Cross expands response to NSW floods

24 March 2021
Red Cross launches appeal to support NSW floods recovery

19 March 2021
NSW floods: Register.Find.Reunite launched to reunite families and friends

17 March 2021
Australian Red Cross welcomes emergency COVID-19 package for PNG

11 March 2021
No end in sight, 10 years after Syrian crisis began

9 March 2021
New report: Migrants hit a wall in accessing COVID-19 care and vaccines worldwide

26 February 2021
Red Cross responds to NT flooding

12 February 2021
Victorians urged to be kind to themselves and others during lockdown 

3 February 2021
Red Cross responds to Perth Hills bushfire emergency 

2 February 2021
Red Cross activates Register.Find.Reunite., evacuation centres in response to Wooloroo bushfire

27 January 2021
Red Cross delivers for bushfire survivors - but the job’s not done yet

22 January 2021
Red Cross alerts people to take action during heatwave

22 January 2021
Nuclear weapons ban: Celebrating a new age of international humanitarian law 

20 January 2021
Red Cross announces new CEO


30 December 2020
Red Cross warns of psychological impact of bushfire anniversaries

23 December 2020
Additional financial support for bushfire survivors ahead of Christmas

7 December 2020
New survey: More grateful and less lonely, despite COVID-19

20 November 2020
Red Cross members receive honours for bushfire work

17 November 2020
World Disasters Report 2020: The need to build better and protect communities

30 October 2020
Red Cross welcomes Royal Commission’s final report

24 October 2020
Red Cross welcomes ACNC report on bushfire responses

17 September 2020
Multi-agency partnership expands accommodation pod program in NSW

7 September 2020
Australian Red Cross CEO to step down

31 August 2020
Australia’s readiness for emergencies

18 August 2020
Digital and financial capability partnership helps vulnerable people avoid scams with new courses

12 August 2020
New research: Red Cross program contributes to reduced violence in prison

11 August 2020
Australian Red Cross launches Beirut Explosion Appeal

10 July 2020
Red Cross supporting people as Melbourne COVID cases spike

1 July 2020
New guide helps Australian businesses working in conflict zones

15 June 2020
Young people supported into new care arrangements as Red Cross transitions from Lady Lawley Cottage

15 May 2020
Red Cross has expanded grants to people who lost homes in the 2019/20 bushfires

29 April 2020
Red Cross launches COVID CONNECT in response to sharp increase in social isolation

23 March 2020
Red Cross helps get emergency supplies to Victorians most in need due to COVID-19

12 March 2020
9 out of 10 Australians think we should be more kind every day

3 February 2020
Red Cross extends financial assistance as bushfires continue across country

23  January 2020
Independent experts join Red Cross’ drive to support bushfire communities

22  January 2020
Statement on Red Cross response to bushfires

20  January 2020
Donations to Red Cross working hard for bushfire affected communities

16 January 2020
Millennials think World War Three is likely in their lifetime

13 Janaury 2020
Coping with the emotional impacts of this summer’s bushfire crisis

7 January 2020
Red Cross ramps up emergency work​

20 December 2019
Red Cross calls for the safe extraction of women and children from north east Syria

20 December 2019
Red Cross welcomes ABC New Year's Eve broadcasts supporting its disaster work

16 December 2019
Tips for coping with the heatwave

9 December 2019
Big jump in people feeling alone this Christmas

4 December 2019
Register.Find.Reunite launched for Millmerran bushfire

22 November 2019
Red Cross remains on the ground in disaster-affected communities around the country

11 November 2019
QLD and NSW bushfires: Red Cross responds

11 October 2019
Red Cross calls for preservation of humanitarian access in northeast Syria

23 September 2019
More than half of Australians believe weather-related emergencies are more disruptive than terrorist attacks

9 September 2019
Red Cross helping NSW communities in early season bushfires

Red Cross helping QLD communities in early season bushfires

16 June 2019
A million calls to isolate and lonely brightens the nation

22 March 2019
Red Cross urges locals to prepare for Tropical Cyclone Veronica

22 March 2019
Red Cross supports locals in path of Tropical Cyclone Trevor

20 March 2019
Register.Find.Reunite launched for Tropical Cyclone Trevor in the Northern Territory

4 March 2019
Red Cross urges people to seek help as bushfire emergency continues in Victoria

25 February 2019
New data shows Australians rank high on compassion wanting more local action for good

6 February 2019
Clean-up commences in Townsville, but Red Cross teams still in action with rain forecast

4 February 2019
Red Cross urges people to seek help as floods emergency continues in north Queensland

3 February 2019
Register.Find.Reunite launched for Hepburn bushfires in Victoria

3 February 2019
2009 Victorian Bushfires, honouring affected communities a decade on, reflecting on lessons learned

31 January 2019
Red Cross urges people to seek help as bushfire emergency continues in Tasmania

30 January 2019
Register.Find.Reunite launched for South West bushfires in Tasmania

16 January 2019
Tips for coping with the heatwave