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Community Conversations

Discover why people seek asylum, understand the situations they face, and hear from those who've experienced it themselves.

The “Tree of Life” symbolises peace. It was painted by Mitra, who arrived in Australia as an asylum seeker, for the In Search of Safety program.

Who seeks asylum? Why do they come to Australia? What is life like for them now?

There are many questions and misunderstandings about people seeking safety. That’s why Red Cross is offering schools, community groups and workplaces a chance to discuss the issues they hear about on the news.

Our sessions offer a neutral and impartial space to ask questions, encourage conversations and foster empathy. They combine facts, thought-provoking presentations and enlightening stories from people with first-hand experience of seeking safety and being granted protection.

"Empathy is an important ingredient in the fabric of a healthy society. In Search of Safety assists in giving people the capacity to share and recognise emotions and issues experienced by asylum seekers and refugees, possibly assisting in creating a more loving, flexible and understanding society in general."

— Carsten Ostergaard Pedersen, In Search of Safety volunteer presenter

Primary Schools

Empathy starts at a young age: workshops for children aged 10-12

High Schools and Colleges

Our Pathways to Protection program is designed for teenagers and young adults

Workplaces and Community Groups

Learn, share and contribute to meaningful discussions within your community

Get the facts

What you need to know to have an informed conversation about refugees and people seeking asylum.

Get involved

Join our movement – volunteer, donate, or just start a conversation!

Learning resources

Learn. Share. Act. What do you know? Where can you find out more? What can you do?

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