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Get involved

There are lots of ways to become involved with Australian Red Cross.


Red Cross staff enjoying a day in the garden


Gain new skills, share your existing ones and meet new friends while helping people in need.


Become a Member and Champion Red Cross, fundraise, join community groups and more.

Red Cross staff holding up a bowl of apples.

Partner with Red Cross

From corporate social responsibility and philanthropy to boosting team engagement, Red Cross is a powerful partner for business.


Two men wrapping bandage around an injured man's leg

First Aid courses

Learn first aid through a nationally recognised Red Cross course near you.

Red Cross volunteers unloading emergency supplies

Training courses

Whether it's real-world skills for aid workers or the workings of the laws of war, Red Cross has a training course for you.

High school boys fundraising for Red Cross Calling.

For schools

School project ideas, ways for students and young people to get involved, as well as lesson plans and presentations for teachers.

Take action

Two competitors covered in mud during a Red Cross Challenge event

Fundraise for Red Cross

Fundraising for Red Cross helps people in need both here in Australia and around the world, and you'll have fun while you're doing it.

Protect the emblem

The red cross emblem saves lives: it means "don't shoot". You can help protect its integrity.

Three female refugees around a computer

5 ways you can help refugees

Easy things you can do to make your local community an even more welcoming, more inclusive place to live.

Discover other ways you can help